Cream is one of the world’s leading event promoters.

Over the past 23 years, Cream has defined itself as a global leader in the electronic music market. The company has built its reputation on delivering innovative and creative events and universally continues to grow staging club events around the world, hosting the biggest and longest running UK club night in Ibiza.  

Creamfields is the world’s leading dance music festival. Established in 1998, the original dance festival set out to provide the clubbing world with a bespoke large outdoor event and has gone on to become the most popular and renowned open air electronic music festival in the world. Creamfields features two outdoor stages, 8-10 arenas, taking place as a 3-day event over the August bank holiday weekend in Daresbury, Cheshire. The success of Creamfields has attracted worldwide attention which has led to the festival being staged on every continent. Creamfields has been staged in 17 countries with new territories planned for the future. 

Photo Credit: Katy Davies Photography

Head Office

Liverpool, L1

A word about careers from the people that live them

When you do a job like mine, working on something you love and have built up through passion, determination and hard work, then your working life becomes something pretty unique! Considering the scale of events we do we’re a relatively small team, however now we are a part of the Live Nation Entertainment group we can create a huge global network but still keep our own sense of creative and entrepreneurial direction. We honour the niche principles of the Cream brand to keep it cool and relevant amongst our millions of fans all over the world.

Scott, Managing Director at Cream

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