Live Nation Merchandise provides physical memories that complete the fan experience, adding the final piece of the jigsaw to the Live Nation and Ticketmaster proposition from ‘ticket to t-shirt’ across a range of events and concerts. Our worldwide in-house Touring, Retail & Licensing and E-commerce divisions provide our clients with an unequalled range of services. The division is built around the fact that our artists, events and fans need a total merchandise solution from the touring environment through to online and high street retail channels. 

We work with a diverse range of retailers such as department stores, major retail chains, independent and speciality stores, gift shops and music chains providing up to 25,000 items.  

On tour, we travel every step of the way with our artists and bands, ensuring that commercial ranges are available across all entertainment venues.  We develop, produce and supply the merchandise range whilst managing tour budgets, sales projections, tour logistics and monitoring financial performance.

For E-commerce, we manage the digital portfolios for an extensive range of artists. From creating and updating websites, database creation and maintenance, editorial and design through to customer service and merchandise despatch. We aim to connect fans with exclusive content and merchandise offers.

Our team sources a large range of items. From the humble key ring through to high end bespoke gifts for VIP’s and everything in between, we work with suppliers throughout the world to deliver perfect product solutions.

Our role is to work collaboratively with further divisions of Live Nation to ensure that the fan and artist receives the final gloss on their entertainment experience, through sourcing the best available product ranges. 

Head Office

London, W10

A word about careers from the people that live them

It's a fast paced business which has so many opportunities to grow, develop and learn. Every day I feel I'm learning something new about the business and my skills.

Kirstie, Touring

A word about careers from the people that live them

I find the amazing women working within Live Nation at a senior level incredibly inspiring. Their drive, success and support is a daily reminder of what I can achieve.

Gail, Retail

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