At Live Nation Entertainment we celebrate a diverse and inclusive culture. We believe Diversity creates opportunities across all of our teams, and we’re proud to enable people to collaborate & innovate together internationally across our business. 

Our Leader

I would like to build a workforce that represents and reflects the customers we serve. To strengthen the emphasis on outreach, recruitment, leadership development and retention of a high performing diverse workforce. 

We’ll work to inspire and encourage senior management to focus and capitalise on the value of diversity with the goal of creating an educated, empowered and forward thinking workforce that sets the standard of diversity and inclusion within our industry. 

Michael Rapino
Chief Executive Officer
Live Nation Entertainment 


At Live Nation Entertainment all people are welcomed and treated with respect. We want every single team member to feel included and believe everyone should have equal access to new opportunities and be free to be themselves at work every day.

We're Proactive


We’ve built networks and employee resource groups, such as our LGBT and Women focused groups (Pride Nation & Women in Entertainment) that encourage diversity and inclusion across our business.

Talent Acquisition

We push boundaries to attract people from different backgrounds to work with us. We aspire to be more diverse.

Development & Training

We continually train and develop our leaders and managers to encourage diversity and inclusion, embracing differences as a strength.


We utilise technology in recruitment processes to highlight and remove biases of job adverts. Additionally we’re committed to achieving diversity across our technology teams through best practice and dynamic networking.

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